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soil association logoAnnual checks are carried out to make sure farms and companies can be
recertified; ensuring the entire process, from field to final product, is fully organic
and sustainable. There are no antibiotics, no pesticides, no additives or chemicals,
free-roaming animals, eco-friendly manufacturing practices, and soil quality
requirements to name a few of the requirements.The Soil Association could be
considered the diamond standard for organic foods, drinks, and countless other
products. When you see their seal of approval you know you’re getting the very

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usda organic logoWhen you see a USDA certified organic label on a product, it guarantees that the
product in question was made using the most sustainable and natural farming
methods available.The federal guidelines that serve as a benchmark for USDA
organics addresses everything from soil quality, pest control and fertilizers, to animal
farming and welfare practices. In order to get the USDA organic seal of approval,
there can be no artificial colours or flavours and all the ingredients in the product
must be produced organically through approved sustainable methods.Additionally,
any company with certified USDA organic products must prove that they are
protecting natural resources and encouraging biodiversity.

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eco leaf logoAny product that displays the Ecoleaf seal meets strict criteria for production,
processing, transportation and sorting; including no GMOs and a traceable supply
chain.Organic foods must be produced on land that has been deemed organic for at
least two years, and the same applies to animal rearing. It can only be used on
products containing a minimum of 95% organic ingredients, with strict conditions for
the remaining 5%. The Ecoleaf is a mark of exceptional quality in European organic
products and should fill you with confidence when you shop.

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cosmos organic logoIt’s goal is to promote products that use organic agriculture, respect biodiversity,
responsibly use natural resources, and have “clean” manufacturing processes
making them healthy for both humans and the environment.COSMOS aims to
address major concerns that exist about the welfare of humans and the natural
world as they apply to the cosmetics industry.If you’re buying a COSMOS certified
product you can be sure that: it wasn’t tested on animals; it has no GMOs, palm or
palm kernel oil, or animal ingredients; all components are sustainably certified; and
the packaging is fully recyclable.Plus, the COSMOS standards are reviewed
regularly to keep them up to date and make sure they’re supporting the most
sustainable practices going.

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cosme bio logoAnything bearing the Cosme Bio label has been made with fairness and
respect for the workers and the environment that helped to produce
it.Over 400 companies proudly wear the Cosme Bio stamp on their
packaging, guaranteeing the absence of controversial ingredients like
silicone and parabens, and a specified amount of organic content in your
cosmetics. It’s beauty, but better.